The Golden Ticket Beyond the Spreadsheet (BTS)

Tuesday, 6 June 2023, 12pm - 5pm, Dinner to follow
The Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia, 10 Avenue of the Arts Philadelphia, PA 19102

Wednesday, 7 June 2023, 8am – 1pm
The Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia, 10 Avenue of the Arts Philadelphia, PA 19102

The Golden Ticket Beyond the Spreadsheet (BTS) event is designed to help you accomplish record growth. It is an in-depth seminar on our proven sales and education process, where we share best practices in supporting and assisting current and prospective Members. It includes a combination of networking, strategy, and planning for the future. Plus, this is an opportunity to gain insights from our underwriting, sales, marketing, account management, and product leadership. An exclusive dinner will follow the seminar. More specifically, the benefits for attending include:
  • Consultant playbook on how to drive record new growth
  • A written multi-year strategy for your clients and prospects
    • Driving new business in fewer steps
    • Aligning with ParetoHealth’s 97% retention rate
    • Assistance to help your account management & service team foster stronger, more productive relationships
  • Guidance on selecting the best administrative and Rx platforms for your clients
  • Plan of action to take advantage of the changing economy and fully insured market conditions to capture a ton of new business

This is an invite-only version of BTS for our premier consultants, to recognize your achievements and potential—your stay is on us!

We want you to continue being the trailblazers of bringing creative solutions to your clients that reduce the cost of healthcare, armed with the industry’s best cost management solutions. For more than a decade, ParetoHealth has aided consultants achieve historic growth levels while becoming better consultants, drastically improving their client outcomes.

This is your chance to become a part of that legacy.

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