How is ParetoHealth transforming the way employers pay for healthcare? By adding to the long list of self-insurance pros and reducing the risk of any remaining cons.

ParetoHealth transforms a non-profit organization’s ability to get rising healthcare costs under control.

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How to reduce rising pharmacy benefits claims costs with ParetoHealth.

A healthcare cost comparison for employers that traces where benefits dollars go and what they buy under a self-insured vs. a fully-insured model.

A long-term strategy for financing your health benefits may feel frustratingly out of reach. With the largest, most innovative health benefits captive in the country, there’s a better way.

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ParetoHealth benefits captive and employee health benefits solution makes self-insurance possible for small and mid-sized employers.

ParetoHealth offers the largest employee benefit group captives, the strongest stop-loss insurance on the market, and the most actionable strategies to help companies reduce healthcare costs—with a thriving community and a multi-year no new laser policy.