A quick clip containing a case study from an employer who has been able to 1) help employees make more informed decisions about their healthcare with the KISx Card program, and 2) save over $6M in healthcare costs.

Learn more about the ParetoHealth + Magellan Rx pharmacy program currently being utilized by over 450 ParetoHealth captive members.

A short video to explain the ins and outs of what a full specialty PBM carve-out can do for you. Spoiler alert: ParetoHealth captive members using ArchimedesRx see an average of 47% savings in their specialty pharmacy plan costs in their first 90 days.

Learn about the Phia Group, a team of self-funding experts offering a variety of services in the self-funded space (including ICE, plan drafting, and PACE for ParetoHealth members).

Discover how ParetoHealth captive members leverage HealthJoy’s centralized solution to promote better healthcare consumerism, lower insurance costs, and increase employee benefits satisfaction.

See how ParetoHealth and Quantum Health are simplifying the healthcare experience for employers and employees with a single healthcare navigation platform.

Learn more about SmithRx, a full-stack pharmacy benefits manager replacement solution available to ParetoHealth captive members with an average cost savings of 8% to 29%.

ParetoHealth has teamed up with CancerCARE+ to provide best-in-class care, advocacy, and support for captive oncology patients. Learn more in this 7-minute video.

ParetoHealth and Springbuk share a common mission: to leverage employee healthcare data to improve health outcomes. Learn more in this 7-minute video.

You spend thousands, maybe millions, of dollars on healthcare every year. As a business leader, do you have insight into where those dollars are going? Or does it feel like each year, more of your budget is poured into a black hole?

It’s time to demand the same transparency, thoughtfulness, and scrutiny of healthcare spend that you do with any other cost center in your organization.

Join ParetoHealth President Andrew Clayton and CFO Magazine for a webcast to learn: