We’re in this for
the greater good.

We’re in this for the greater good.

Our mission is collective greatness.

Everyone at ParetoHealth and every one of our benefits consultants working with every client—we’re a single force united in the drive to transform employee health benefits. It’s a collective effort and nothing less than greatness will do.

The company was founded in 2011 to help small and medium-sized businesses fight the rising cost of employee health benefits. We blazed the trail with financing innovations that reduce the risks in self insurance and deliver significant savings—and we continue to lead with a growing ecosystem of partners and world-class cost control solutions.

But success is measured by more than dollars alone and we measure ours by the good that comes from knowing that every client and all of their employees can count on effective, affordable healthcare for years to come.

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These are the values that carry us forward.

Fire in the belly.

We value the drive to learn, to improve, and to deliver outstanding value every day.

See the field.

We value the ability to see the big picture and prepare to meet tomorrow’s needs.

Get it done right.

We value the passion to produce at higher rates and to the highest standards.

For the greater good.

We value the team—a single force creating better benefits solutions for all.

It's more than a motto.

We’re guiding the industry to a future of new possibilities.

When you join ParetoHealth, you’re stepping into that future.


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