The vision. The experience.
The sleeves rolled up.

The vision. The experience. The sleeves rolled up.

ParetoHealth is in the hands of some of this industry’s very best.
Andrew Cavenagh
Chief Executive Officer
"ParetoHealth is rewriting the rules for how employers finance healthcare. We are redrawing the map for the entire healthcare benefits industry, leading it out of the past and into a better, smarter future. Better for employers, better for employees, and better for brokers."
Andrew Clayton
"We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take what we do very seriously. We’ve enjoyed tremendous growth as we’ve shaken up the industry. But we get the most fulfillment from standing side by side with our consultants and captive members on the good side of the fight."
Gary Basra
Chief Technology Officer
"I’m deeply interested in the intersection of healthcare benefits with emerging technologies that provide better automation, scale, and efficiency. There is incredible potential in harnessing technology to reduce the cost of healthcare — and that’s exactly what ParetoHealth is doing."
Rich Carroll
Chief Financial Officer
"I’m proud of our mission to bring badly needed change to employee health benefits. As a CFO, I know first-hand the incredible value of real data and insights that let us make informed decisions that ensure not only the company’s bottom line but also the health and well-being of our employees."
Ben Dewar
Senior Vice President
"Being part of an organization focused on delivering improved health care options for over half a million employees in the United States is extremely rewarding. More importantly, the winning culture that ParetoHealth has created, with an extremely talented group of professionals, is a combination that spoke to my personal purpose."
Ashley Hull
Executive Vice President
"We are on a quest to deliver cost effective, high quality healthcare benefits. Pioneering a new course is inspiring, because at ParetoHealth we know employers don’t have to choose between simplicity and sophistication. With us, they can have both."
Kristen McKenna
Chief Underwriting Officer
"Our captive programs allow small and medium-sized employers to access tools and resources typically only available to large employers. There’s strength in numbers and it’s amazing to see what our clients have been able to achieve by banding together."
Alex Pill
Chief of Staff
"I am deeply committed to improving healthcare experiences and outcomes, and I’m fortunate to be a part of bringing ParetoHealth’s mission to life – to make employee health benefits more accessible and cost-effective for our captive Members and their employees."
Catharine Thurston
Executive Vice President
"ParetoHealth’s mission is more like a calling, and one that we pursue with integrity and grit. We are innovators and game changers, driven to challenge the status quo and create a positive impact on those we serve."
Mike Wright
Chief Sales Officer
"Over the course of my career, I’ve seen business leaders labor under the costs of ever-increasing healthcare expenses. At ParetoHealth, we’re making a difference by letting them take control of these costs. When we are freed from a flawed system that throttles industry, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish together."
Andrew Cavenagh
Andrew Clayton
Cem Behmoaram
Thomas Carella
Rafael Cofiño
Mark D. Taber