My career in employee benefits and healthcare has spanned almost 40 years. In that time, I’ve been involved in helping go-to-market and sales teams bring solutions to a variety of organizations in the public and private sectors, from venture-backed startups to well-established, mature companies. My objective has been to improve the efficiency in the sales process by using data to drive growth, scale outcomes, and harness the potential of great ideas and solutions.


Regardless of the size, location, or industry of clients and prospective clients, they share a common financial burden. Employee benefits, and more specifically healthcare benefits for employees and their families, typically rank among organizations’ top five budget expenses.


In companies of all sizes, but particularly for small and medium sized businesses, I’ve seen business leaders who would otherwise have expanded their operations, raised salaries, or reinvested in their communities make the tradeoff of having to finance the ever-expanding burden of health insurance premiums. Even worse, in many circumstances, the staggering expenses didn’t lead to better health outcomes for their people who depend on these benefits.


ParetoHealth is on a mission to solve this dilemma for employers and employees alike, and I’m excited to be here. We are a company committed to bringing innovation to an industry long overdue for improvement. We are a company accomplishing audacious goals, while displaying some of the best aspects of the startup model: lean decision-making, a willingness to fight the status quo, and a focus on outcomes.


This company has been expertly built, with a foundational commitment to meeting the critical need for progressive ideas, values, and processes in the world of health insurance. At ParetoHealth, this commitment and our resilience starts with: