A Smarter Benefits Strategy

A Smarter Benefits Strategy

Reduce the risk in self-insurance. Take control of your employee health benefits. Save money.

The ParetoHealth Benefits Captive Program

Provide the benefits you want to offer your employees without the risk of catastrophic claims you can’t afford.

Self-Insured Benefits Programs

Self-insurance gives you the freedom to create your own health benefits program. ParetoHealth makes it easy.

Choose from a curated selection of medical and pharmacy plans and third party administrators (TPA) and fine tune to meet your needs.

Medical Benefits

ParetoHealth combines all the coverage and services you’ll need in a range of turnkey benefits program packages.
  • Plans
    Choose a plan that strikes the cost-and-coverage balance that’s right for you and your employees—or keep the coverage you currently offer.
  • TPAs
    ParetoHealth partners with best-in-class third-party administrators to get your plan up and running including enrollment, claims payment processing, reporting and more.
  • Health Networks
    ParetoHealth’s TPA partners work with both national PPOs and local networks so your employees have access to quality healthcare services at the lowest possible prices.

Pharmacy Benefits

ParetoHealth gives you a range of pharmacy benefits program options.
  • Formularies
    Your formulary is the list of drugs covered by your pharmacy benefits program. Create your own or choose one of the three options developed by ParetoHealth.
  • PBMs
    ParetoHealth negotiates exclusive pharmacy benefits management (PBM) contracts to ensure that your PBM is helping you achieve your drug cost reduction goals.

Captive Membership

There’s strength—and protection—in membership.

When you join ParetoHealth, you join more than 1,690 employers representing more than 565,000 lives and more than $2.9B in healthcare spending. ParetoHealth captives are formed by groups of employers with the same business goal: To reduce the cost—but not the quality—of their employee health programs, without taking on unnecessary risk.

The first step toward that goal is to become self-insured and start paying your employee claims yourself.

The next step is to protect yourself against unpredictable claims risk and two kinds of coverage are required.

  • Specific Stop-Loss
    Specific stop loss insurance covers the high cost of ongoing and catastrophic claims.
  • Aggregate Stop-Loss
    Aggregate stop-loss insurance covers your small claims when there are more of them than you anticipated.

Both specific and aggregate coverage are included with your captive membership and every member contributes to a fund that creates a long-term buffer against stop-loss premiums increases.

That’s how captive membership reduces claims risk and makes the self-insurance possible for employers like you.

Want to run your numbers?

We’ll connect you with a ParetoHealth expert that can do that.

With ParetoHealth, the self-insurance risk is under control and we've saved almost $2M in less than 3 years.
Cori Ekman
SVP, Human Resources
Nagra, USA