Episode 4 | 41:07 MIN

Episode 4: Giving a… Darn w/ Seth Denson, of GDP Advisors & Acrisure

Guest: Seth Denson, Chief Strategist at GDP Partners & Director of Healthcare Strategies at Acrisure

Why does stop-loss premium increase at a different rate than medical trend?

We broke down why on this episode. It turned out there was some math involved.

Hilarity ensued, but we got to the bottom of “leveraged trend” when it was all over. And with only a small number of… all the insurance terms you can possibly imagine.

Then we sat down with Seth Denson, our friend and partner to talk about staying focused on what’s really important in a world full of shiny distractions, the supply chain crisis in healthcare, and the differences in economics when you’re talking about care versus insurance.

After that, we launched into the… curious practice that some knucklehead brokers have of comparing a best-case scenario for fully-insured plans to a worst-case scenario for self-insured ones.

Hmm. I wonder what their motivation could possibly be. Really gets the old noggin joggin’.

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