S2 Episode 1 | 38:31 MIN

S2 Episode 1: Steering the Wheel on Care Navigation w/ Justin Holland and Doug Morse-Schindler of HealthJoy

Guest: Justin Holland and Doug Morse-Schindler

Season 2 of “80/20 with ParetoHealth” launches with a discussion on the state of medical literacy and care navigation (aka care coordination) today. Justin Holland and Doug Morse-Schindler of HealthJoy explain how technology can build bridges in the massive healthcare ecosystem and where it falls short. We also rant about the pitfalls of self-diagnosing on Google and the immense potential of a revenue stream tied to sleepless nights caused by WebMD. Finally, we learn that building appropriate and valuable tech solutions requires layers of thought, partnerships, and room for customization. Simply put, we confirm that healthcare is never one-size-fits-all, not even in the digital space.

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Episode 11 | 1:08:30 MIN

Episode 11: Season 1 Finale – Bringing it Home

We made it! The end of the first season of 80/20 with ParetoHealth has us bringing it all back home, so join us for a trip down memory lane as we look at the history of ParetoHealth and some of the things that formed the company along the way. From our beginnings 10 years ago […]

1:08:30 MIN | 11.22.2022

Episode 10 | 23:00 MIN

Episode 10: Prescription Drugs and Music w/Jake Frenz of SmithRx

In our knowledge segment, we talk a little bit about a big expense – pharmaceuticals. Many employers don’t know that prescription drugs make up 25-30% of their total healthcare spend. In fact, these numbers are projected to get more dramatic, reaching 50% in the next few years.  Then we talk with Jake Frenz of SmithRx […]

23:00 MIN | 09.20.2022

Episode 9 | 30:00 MIN

Episode 9: Leeches, Medical Inflation, and Insurance Tinder w/Brian Olsen

In this episode, we go over the phenomenon of medical inflation and what parts of the COVID-19 pandemic have contributed to rising medical costs – as well as what self-insured employers can do about it. Then we chat with Brian Olsen of Sterling Seacrest Pritchard (SSP) to talk about his deep, committed relationship with self-funding […]

30:00 MIN | 08.23.2022

Episode 8 | 06:58 MIN

Episode 8: Buying Drugs w/Rashaun Reid of ParetoHealth

How is anyone able to buy specialty pharmaceuticals without going broke? What are some of the economic pressures on doctors to prescribe expensive meds? Where is Andrew Clayton hiding, and will he be back next time? Join us with special guest host Ashley Hull and guest Rashaun Reid of ParetoHealth as they team up with […]

06:58 MIN | 08.09.2022

Episode 7 | 35:00 MIN

Episode 7: Live audience: Contrarian Members’ Meeting

How do you provide first-class healthcare benefits while also containing costs? That’s the main question of this live episode, recorded with Suzanne Lutz, Laura Williams, and Santina Daily, three captive Members from very different industries and backgrounds. What they all have in common is a complete dedication to the well-being of their employees and a […]

35:00 MIN | 07.26.2022

Episode 6 | 30:51 MIN

Episode 6: LIVE Audience: Legend Member’s Meeting

Guest host: Jack Longstreth, SVP, ParetoHealth In our second live episode from our San Diego Members’ Meetings Andrew Clayton and guest host Jack Longstreth chat with two VP’s of Human Resources: Kim Bauer of Altra Federal Credit Union and Lisa Levanger of Wasatch Property Management Inc. This episode delivers great conversation about how a high-quality […]

30:51 MIN | 07.12.2022

Episode 5 | 34:11 MIN

Episode 5: LIVE Audience: Paradigm and Structure Member’s Meetings

Guest host: Jack Longstreth, SVP, ParetoHealth We took the bold step of recording this episode before a “live audience” at our recent Paradigm and StructuRe Members’ Meetings. Andrew Clayton and guest host Jack Longstreth have a lively conversation with two great CFOs: Jill Kindell of Miami Valley Steel and Chris Bissinger of Essential Ingredients. This […]

34:11 MIN | 06.27.2022

Episode 4 | 41:07 MIN

Episode 4: Giving a… Darn w/ Seth Denson, of GDP Advisors & Acrisure

Why does stop-loss premium increase at a different rate than medical trend? We broke down why on this episode. It turned out there was some math involved. Hilarity ensued, but we got to the bottom of “leveraged trend” when it was all over. And with only a small number of… all the insurance terms you […]

36:37 MIN | 06.14.2022

Episode 3 | 41:07 MIN

Episode 3: Lasers, the human C-3PO, and rising lobotomy prices w/Billy Potter of Snellings Walters

We’re talking lasers, but not the “pew-pew” kind. This is our conversation on stop-loss lasers and how they’re calculated. Lasers are among the most pressing concerns for employers, so we break down the details. Then we’re joined by Billy Potter, CEO of Snellings Walters, to talk about his journey into insurance, how business culture eats […]

41:07 MIN | 05.03.2022

Episode 2 | 37:43 MIN

Episode 2: Stop-loss Carriers Aren’t Making You Sick – w/Cara Kirsch of Gallagher

How does a stop-loss carrier calculate their rates? Why is it good to be big? Should people be shamed for not being able to do math in their heads? We sit down to talk about these burning questions and much, much more. Helping us get to the heart of it all is Cara Kirsch, Area […]

37:43 MIN | 05.17.2022

Episode 1 | 34:54 MIN

Episode 1: Fully deferred? What the heck are these people buying? w/Austin Madison of Hub International

We explain why the so-called “fully insured” model is neither full nor insured. We talk with Austin Madison of Hub International about baseball, his crazy high GPA, and how he realized that a self-insured model was better for his clients and his business. Then the gloves come off and we take on the knuckleheads, the […]

34:54 MIN | 05.03.2022

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