Get off the
fully-insured treadmill.

Get off the fully-insured treadmill.

Insure yourself with a ParetoHealth Employee Health Benefits Solution.

The ParetoHealth Solution

Perfect for any small or medium-sized employer who wants to get off the fully-insured treadmill, the ParetoHealth Solution means great employee health benefits you can afford, year after year.

The ParetoHealth Employee Health Benefits Solution

Benefits Captive Program
Integrated Cost Management
Benefits Captive Program
Self-Insured Benefits

Medical and pharmacy benefits, a third-party administrator, health network access, and more.

Captive Membership

Affordable stop-loss protection against the high-cost of ongoing and catastrophic claims.

Integrated Cost Management
Medical Cost Intelligence

Oversight and clinical interventions to ensure the right care at the right price.

Pharmacy Cost Intelligence

PBM, site-of-care, and specialty drug management to control rising pharmacy costs.

ParetoHealth means self-insurance done right.

Self-insurance makes sense.

Fully-insured premiums cover claims, reserves, taxes, insurance carrier profits and more. And even when you have fewer claims than expected, your carrier keeps all your money. But if your claims are higher, you get a huge renewal increase. You can’t win.

When you self-insure, you pay employee claims directly. You cover your costs—not your carrier’s needs. And you save.

The captive makes it possible.

But self-insurance has to be done right. If you go it alone, you take on the risk of having to pay ongoing and catastrophic claims. And ordinary stop-loss insurance just won’t protect you.

And that’s why ParetoHealth created the nation’s largest health benefits captive—to make claims risk protection affordable so employers like you can realize the savings in self-insurance done right.

Ready to save with self-insurance?

More than 1,690 businesses are doing it right, with ParetoHealth.

We were facing a $1.2M renewal. We went with ParetoHealth instead and spent only $800,000.
Jonathan Mitz
SVP Corporate Risk Mitigation
Ennis Electric