Episode 2: Stop-loss Carriers Aren’t Making You Sick – w/Cara Kirsch of Gallagher

How does a stop-loss carrier calculate their rates? Why is it good to be big? Should people be shamed for not being able to do math in their heads? We sit down to talk about these burning questions and much, much more. Helping us get to the heart of it all is Cara Kirsch, Area Vice President of Gallagher in Omaha, Nebraska. She walks us through her journey, telling us how her smart use of data, entrepreneurial spirit, and growing up in a small town have all combined to make her a leader, an inspiration, and a great person to have on your side. We also touch on industry diversity, why insurance isn’t boring (we swear!), and some big plans for a food truck. In our recurring “You Know They’re a Knucklehead When…” segment, we examine a bizarre idea. Some brokers think that a stop-loss carrier can make people sick. Really. Seriously. It’s built into their numbers. Makes us all look bad.